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Rise of the Empire era[1]



"Hit the tanks and speeders first!"
―Pix, issuing orders to clone troopers during the Battle of Thustra[src]

Pix was a female Human Jedi Padawan apprenticed to Master Tyr. When the Clone Wars broke out between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Pix and her master became Jedi officers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Around 21 BBY, Pix and her master were sent to make a show of force on the hostile planet Thustra. However, the native Sephi soon soon attacked the Republic forces, leading to heavy losses, including Master Tyr. Pix and fellow Padawan Cal, whose master had also been killed, requested reinforcements from the Republic's capital world Coruscant.

Jedi Grand Master Yoda himself journeyed to Thustra to both aid the orphaned apprentices and negotiate a peaceful resolution with King Alaric of Thustra. While the Grand Master and Cal went to the kings's palace in order to negotiate, Pix was placed in command of the Republic forces, but barred from taking any aggressive action against the Sephi. However, Sephi Senator Navi deceived Pix, telling her that Yoda and Cal had been executed and leading her to launch a full-scale assault on the Sephi capital city. However, the attack ultimately resulted in the deaths of King Alaric and Cal and Thustra seceded from the Republic. Returning to Coruscant, Pix and Yoda helped to expose Navi's treachery to the Galactic Senate.


Clone WarsEdit

"Calling Coruscant. Situation critical on Thustra. Sephi forces have penetrated our defenses. Our command center has been destroyed. Cal and I are safe, but Master Tyr and Master Tyffix… Our Masters are dead."
Yoda arrives Thustra
Jedi Commanders Pix and Cal serving on Thustra

Pix's participation in the Battle of Thustra occurred around 21 BBY, approximately seventeen months after the First Battle of Geonosis. By then, the planet Thustra had been overtaken by a secessionist faction amongst the local Sephi people. Led by their world's own Head of State, King Alaric, the Sephi intended to commit themselves to the rebellion of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In response to the insurrection, the Grand Army of the Republic deployed an armed force of clone troopers to Thustra. Leading the Republic's army on Thustra were two Jedi Generals, Masters Tyr and Tyffix. Pix, the Padawan learner of Tyr, joined her Master on Thustra. Likewise, Tyffix was followed as well by his own apprentice Cal.[1]

The presence of Jedi and clone soldiers on Thustra was meant to deter the Sephi from taking up arms against the Republic; their arrival had an obstinate effect. In less than ten standard hours after the Republic army reached Thustra, their outpost was repeatedly struck by seemingly random attacks from the Sephi. Pix was in the command tent with Tyr and Tyffix when the southern perimeter was annihilated by suicide bombers. While discussing strategy, Tyr sensed the presence of an incoming attack on the command center. Rather than saving himself, the Jedi Master used his last few moments to telekinetically push Pix out of harm's way, thus saving his apprentice's life. Pix and Cal watched in horror as the command center was engulfed in an explosion caused by a Sephi fighter.[1]

In the aftermath of the devastation to the Republic outpost, Pix sent a distress call directly to Coruscant where it was received by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and a few Masters on the Jedi High Council such as Yoda, Mace Windu and Oppo Rancisis. The Chancellor and the Jedi Council agreed that Thustra's secession could endanger the Republic's control over the entire Sumitra sector. Yoda, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, decided to personally handle the situation on Thustra. Believing that he could restore the Sephi's allegiance to the Republic through diplomacy rather than more bloodshed, Yoda traveled with Cal to Thustra's capital city where he tried to negotiate with King Alaric. Yoda left Pix in charge of the clone troopers with strict orders to not undermine the Grand Master's negotiations by taking aggressive actions against the Sephi.[1]

While Yoda and Cal were detained in Alaric's palace, Pix kept a watchful eye on the Sephi's troop movements with the help of Commander Clutch. The clone observed how the Sephi were building up their forces in a single location and presumed that they were preparing to launch another attack against the Republic outpost. Hence, Clutch advised Pix that the most strategically sound option was to attack the enemy first. Pix refused and reiterated Yoda's explicit instructions to not escalate the conflict with more violence.[1]

Senator Navi approaches Commander Pix with an important message.

Pix grew increasingly concerned as she waited for Yoda to send word of his progress with the King. By then, Thustra Senator Navi arrived at the Republic outpost to deliver a message to Pix. A Loyalist but corrupt politician who enjoyed a privileged life on Coruscant, Navi was determined to prevent his homeworld's secession from the Galactic Republic. He believed that the most efficient way to undermine Thustra's rebellion was by manipulating the Republic forces into launching an all-out attack on the capital. Hence, the Senator lied to Pix when he told her that Yoda and Cal had been executed by order of King Alaric. Distraught and saddened by the apparent loss of her fellow Jedi, Pix remained silent as Navi provided Clutch with detailed instructions on the best approach to a preemptive strike against the Sephi.[1]

The Battle of ThustraEdit

Clutch: "Technically, you're in command here. We can't move without your order. Perhaps we should contact Coruscant and request another general…?"
Pix: "No. Let's go."
―Clutch and Pix[src]
Commander Pix leads the Republic forces during the Battle of Thustra.

As the only present Jedi officer, Pix was in total command of the Republic outpost and its military force. Neither Commander Clutch nor the rest of the clones were able to proceed against the Sephi without her consent. When it seemed as though Pix was conflicted with uncertainty, the Clone Commander offered to contact Coruscant and request for another Jedi General. After a final moment of contemplation, Pix ordered her troops to mobilize for combat, determined to end the conflict on Thustra with the full might of her army.[1]

Pix's preemptive attack was swift and sudden; the Sephi were caught completely by surprise as the Republic forces engaged them in battle. Clone troopers and All Terrain Tactical Enforcers marched toward the capital city on the ground while Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunships provided cover from above. Pix and Clutch commanded their forces from a gunship on the frontlines. Republic troops soon entered the capital, and became engaged in street fighting with the remaining Sephi while LAAT/i gunships utilized air strikes against the enemy's defenses. Clutch ordered the clones to concentrate their efforts on capturing the palace so that they could end the Sephi rebellion for good. By then, Pix began to experience doubt in her actions, mainly due to her sudden lack of trust in Senator Navi's honesty.[1]

Though the preemptive attack led to numerous enemy casualties, including Sephi Commander Dekluun and King Alaric himself, the Battle of Thustra was eventually won by the secessionists. Pix's attack on the Sephi created new sympathizers and supporters of Thustra's cause within nearby star systems. The reinforcements from Thustra's neighbors enabled the Sephi to force the Republic army off of the planet. During the battle, Cal was killed as well, although Yoda survived after reluctantly slaying the King in self-defense.[1]

After returning to Coruscant, Pix accompanied Yoda, Mace Windu, and Clutch to the Senate Building. She watched as Senator Navi's duplicity was exposed in front of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the members of the Galactic Senate. Charged with high treason against the Republic, Navi was promptly arrested by Clutch and two Senate Guards.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Cal: "Master Tyffix!"
Pix: "Cal… It's too late."
―Cal and Pix[src]
Pix wielding her blue lightsaber

Pix was a teenage, female Jedi Padawan. Physically, she had an athletic build and was considered pretty by her fellow Padawans at the Jedi Temple; her hair was braided and kept in a ponytail. During her time on Thustra, she did not wear the traditional robes of the Jedi. Instead, her cloths consisted of a tight top and a short skirt. Despite her unorthodox Jedi attire, Pix did retain the symbolic hooded-cloak that other Jedi typically wore.[1]

As a Jedi Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Pix displayed utter loyalty to the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. She exhibited the usual Jedi traits of bravery and confidence by leading her clone troopers on the front lines of battle. As a tactician, she possessed an understanding of strategy as seen when she ordered Commander Clutch and the clones to destroy the Sephi tanks and speeders, thereby depriving the enemy of their military assets.[1]

Although she was forced to oversee the operation on Thustra without the guidance of Tyr, her Jedi Master, Pix remained focused on her duties as a Jedi officer. While her Master's death saddened Pix, she carried on with her responsibilities and immediately requested for reinforcements in order to better insure the mission's success. She also proved herself to be both a capable commander and combatant while leading clone troopers into battle against Sephi forces.[1]

But despite her loyalty and Jedi skills, Pix also displayed certain traits, such as overconfidence and a slight disregard for authority,[1] considered less commendable in the eyes of the Jedi Order's senior members; traits that were found to be common amongst younger Jedi.[2] Although she was commanded to remain with the Republic troops and to hold her position no matter what the circumstances, Pix disregarded Master Yoda's orders and launched an attack on Thustra's capital after being convinced by a lie that Yoda and Cal had been executed by King Alaric. However, Pix also upheld the Jedi sense of justice when she helped to convict Senator Navi of treason for manipulating her into attacking the Sephi.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Jedi Padawan in training, Pix was skilled in the use of Force techniques and lightsaber combat. During the Battle of Thustra, she demonstrated the ability to deflect blaster fire with a lightsaber.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Homiiz
Pix and Darth Homiiz

Pix first appeared in Jedi: Yoda, a Dark Horse comic written by Jeremy Barlow and released on July 21, 2004. In the comic, Pix was drawn by the American illustrator HOON. Pix was depicted in a concept art image, seen on HOON's website, were she is wearing a different attire and wields a different sword-like weapon. She is standing next to Darth Homiiz, a Sith Lord who was created for the Jedi: Yoda comic. For unknown reasons, Homiiz was cut from the comic's storyline and Pix's appearance was altered.[3]



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