"Hit the tanks and speeders first! Let's end this before it can start!"
―Pix, during the Battle of Thustra[src]

Pix, a Force-sensitive Human female, was the Padawan of Jedi Master Tyr and a Jedi Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In the second year of the war, Pix and her master led a clone trooper task force to the hostile world of Thustra as a show of force. However, the Thustra campaign ultimately led to open hostility between the the native Sephi and the army of the Galactic Republic, resulting in the deaths of Jedi Generals Tyr and Tyffix. Having lost their masters, Pix and Cal—the apprentice of the late Tyffix—beseeched their leaders on the galactic capital world of Coruscant to send reinforcements to Thustra.

Although they had expected additional troopers, it was Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order who came to their aid in the hope of finding a diplomatic solution through his friendship with King Alaric of Thustra. With both Yoda and Cal at the king's palace, Pix was left in command of the Republic forces with orders to not take aggressive action against the Sephi in the Grand Master's absence. She was deceived, however, by Senator Navi who convinced the young Padawan that her fellow Jedi were lured into a trap and executed on the king's orders. Believing her comrades to be dead, Pix led the clone army in a direct assault on the capital city of Thustra with Clone Commander "Clutch" at her side. During the battle, Cal died while fighting the king's soldiers and Yoda was forced to kill Alaric in self-defense. Although Thustra was left in a state of open rebellion against the Republic, Navi's deception was discovered, resulting in his arrest in the presence of Pix and Yoda during a session of the Galactic Senate.


Loss of a masterEdit

"Calling Coruscant. Situation critical on Thustra. Sephi forces have penetrated our defenses. Our command center has been destroyed. Cal and I are safe, but Master Tyr and Master Tyffix… Our Masters are dead."
―Pix reporting to the High Command[src]
Yoda arrives on Thustra

Pix (left) and Cal on Thustra

Pix was a female Human who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. She was a member of the Jedi Order and the Padawan learner of the Weequay Jedi Master Tyr.[1] When Pix was an adolescent[2] in 21 BBY,[3] the second year of the Clone Wars, the planet Thustra was taken over by a secessionist faction amongst the local Sephi people and decided to leave the Republic. Since Thustra was an important world and the loss of the entire sector was at stake, the Republic responded by dispatching a task force to Thustra as a show of force, although they were ordered to not engage in any hostile actions. Pix and her master were part of the group, together with Jedi Master Tyffix, his Padawan Cal, and Clone Commanders[1] TK-571[4]—nicknamed "Clutch"— and CR57.[1]

Ten hours after the Republic forces' arrival on Thustra, the group was attacked by the Sephi. The natives fought the clone troopers, using suicide bombers to inflict heavy casualties in the Republic ranks. The defense grids in the southern perimeter were overrun and the troops there—including CR57—were killed. Pix was in the command tent with Tyr and Tyffix, observing a strategy discussion between the elder Jedi and a clone officer, when her master sensed a disturbance in the Force. Tyr force pushed his Padawan out of the command tent, before a Sephi suicide bomber blew it up. Both Tyffix and Tyr perished in the explosion.[1]

Both Pix and Cal—the latter had just arrived in the moment of the explosion—mourned their fallen teachers, before Pix used her holocomm to contact the Republic's capital world, Coruscant. Reporting their heavy losses and dire situation, she asked for reinforcements. The message was received by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Oppo Rancisis. The group ultimately decided that Yoda, an old friend of Sephi King Alaric, would travel to Thustra in order to find a peaceful solution.[1]

Waiting for actionEdit

"Strategically, our best chance to hit them is now, before they can fully form up."
"We can't do that. Master Yoda's orders were——"
"I know… but we can't wait here indefinitely. Soon we'll have to choose between following General Yoda's orders… and saving our own lives."
―Clutch and Pix, watching the Sephi troop deployment[src]

Pix and Cal went to greet the new Jedi Master—not knowing that it would be Grand Master Yoda—following his landing on Thustra in a Consular-class cruiser. While Cal suspected that the Jedi would have "some rank," like Windu or Rancisis, both Padawans were surprised to see Yoda leaving the ship. Yoda reminded the two Padawans that they should have waited with their call for reinforcements and instead talked to him, as he opted for a non-military approach to solve the situation on Thustra. In the new command center, Clutch briefed the Grand Master about the Sephi suicidal strategies and soon, a clone trooper informed the Jedi that Alaric had requested a parley with Yoda. The Grand Master told the apprentices that he had contacted his old friend before departing Coruscant and decided to take Cal with him to the meeting, although the latter protested. Before leaving, Yoda instructed Pix to hold her position and not make any hostile moves until he contacted her.[1]


Senator Navi approaches Commander Pix with an important message

However, the negotiations did not go as well as Yoda had hoped and Alaric imprisoned both the Grand Master and Cal inside his palace. Watching the Sephi's troop movements together with Clutch, the clone commander noted that their opponents were strengthening their position and advised to launch a preventive strike against them until they fully formed up. Pix refused and reiterated Yoda's explicit instructions to not escalate the conflict with more violence. While Clutch acknowledged the Grand Master's orders, he also pointed out that they would soon have to decide between following them or saving their own lives.[1]

Pix grew increasingly concerned as she waited for a communication from Yoda, and was unable to reach him via comlink. Shortly after, a vessel sending a Republic code landed at the Republic command post. Their visitor turned out to be Navi, the Sephi Senator of Thustra, who claimed that Alaric had become unstable, stirred the people into an anti-Republic frenzy and had both Yoda and Cal executed. Revealing information about a large Sephi force amassing on a nearby hill, Navi showed them a pass in order to catch these troops unaware, before returning to Coruscant. Unbeknownst to Pix and Clutch, Navi was a traitor who was trying to gain political influence by forcing the Republic to restore order on Thustra by force and had therefore lied to Pix. Clutch reminded the uncertain Padawan that she was in command of the Republic forces and suggested that she request another General. Pix, distraught and saddened by the apparent loss of her fellow Jedi, finally gave in and ordered an attack on the Sephi army.[1]

Open warfareEdit

"Technically, you're in command here. We can't move without your order. Perhaps we should contact Coruscant and request another general…?"
"No. Let's go."
―Clutch and Pix[src]

Commander Pix leads the Republic forces during the battle of Thustra

Riding a Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry gunship with Clutch, Pix led her forces on a surprise attack on the Sephi, catching them unprepared and killing Commander Dekluun, the leader of the Sephi army. While gunships established air superiority, clone infantry and All Terrain Tactical Enforcer walkers, supported by Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery, advanced on the ground. Pix ordered her troops to aim at tanks and speeders first in order to deprive the enemy of their military assets. Focusing on coordinates given to them by Navi, Pix and her forces advanced to the palace, using the element of surprise to crush the enemy forces standing in their way. However, the Padawan increasingly grew suspicious about the Senator's honesty and experienced doubt in her actions. Pix and Clutch nevertheless focused on capturing the palace to end the rebellion swiftly, engaging the Sephi forces in street fighting.[1]

In the ensuing battle, Cal was mortally wounded and Yoda was forced to kill Alaric in self-defense, as the monarch planned to make himself a martyr to galvanize his people and unite them with their neighbors to fight off the Republic. His plan worked, and other systems sent their armies to aid the Sephi, leading to a withdrawal of the Republic forces. Returning to Coruscant, Pix, Clutch, Yoda, and Master Windu went to the Galactic Senate, where Navi was holding a speech, claiming that Yoda had been killed. The Jedi disrupted his lie and Windu declared Navi to be under arrest for crimes against the Republic and conspiring to commit murder. The Senator was then taken into custody by Clutch and two Senate Guards[1] before being thrown into prison.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Master Tyffix!"
"Cal… It's too late."
―Cal and Pix, after their masters deaths[src]

Pix wielding her blue lightsaber

Pix had brown eyes, light skin, and kept her black hair braided in a ponytail. During the battle of Thustra, Pix was unable to sense the incoming danger of the Sephi suicide bomber and only survived due to her master's Force push. While she was shaken by Tyr's death, she immediately realized the she could do nothing to help her mentor and tried to comfort Cal as the other apprentice had more trouble dealing with his own teacher's death. Pix reacted quickly, nearly instantly reporting their situation on Thustra to the Republic and requesting reinforcements, although she was later reprimanded by Yoda about this, as the Grand Master would had preferred to be contacted first. While Pix was also doubtful about Yoda's plan to negotiate with Alaric, she did not openly disagree on this matter, unlike her fellow Padawan Cal. Yoda trusted her enough to command the Republic troops in his absence, stressing the importance of not engaging in any hostile actions.[1]

However, after not hearing from the Grand Master for some time, Pix grew nervous, but still insisted on following Yoda's orders when Clutch suggested an attack on the deploying Sephi forces. This changed when Senator Navi arrived and lied to the Padawan about the fate of Yoda and Cal. Distressed, Pix was finally convinced by Navi and Clutch to order an attack on the Sephi troops. She led the attack from the front lines, giving clear orders to her soldiers and focusing on ending the battle as quickly as possible. With time, Pix grew suspicious of the Senator's honesty, but nevertheless carried on with the attack.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Jedi Padawan in training, Pix was skilled in the use of Force techniques and lightsaber combat. During the battle on Thustra, she demonstrated the ability to deflect blaster fire with her blue-bladed lightsaber.[1]


During her time on Thustra, Pix did not wear the traditional robes of the Jedi. Instead, her clothes consisted of a tight top and a short skirt. Despite her unorthodox Jedi attire, Pix did retain the symbolic hooded-cloak that other Jedi typically wore. In combat, she used a blue-bladed lightsaber.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Homiiz

Pix (right) and Darth Homiiz

Pix first appeared in Jedi: Yoda, a Dark Horse comic written by Jeremy Barlow and released in 2004. In the comic, she was drawn by the American illustrator HOON.[1] Pix was depicted in a concept art image, seen on HOON's website, where she is wearing a different attire and wields a sword-like weapon. She is standing next to a Sith Lord named Darth Homiiz.[6] In 2008, Pix received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2]



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