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The Place of Sacrifice was a building on Coruscant after it was Vongformed into Yuuzhan'tar. It was built in the Ancestral architecture for special ceremonies of sacrifice for the Yuuzhan Vong. Toped by a cone of Yorik coral a hundred meters tall, the were stairs carved into the spire, and passageways for the blood of sacrificial victims to flow to the ngdins who would consume the blood for the Yun'o. Despite being in the wrong latitude, plants thrived there, and crab-harps were constantly walking around to provide music. Holy relics were stored opposite of temples dedicated to the Gods. Prior to the Defense of Mon Calamari, the Yuuzhan Vong attempted to sacrifice one thousand prisoners to the Gods to invoke their favor. However, followers of the Jeedai heresy managed to rescue three hundred of the captives, ruining the ceremony. In retaliation, Supreme Overlord Shimrra ordered three thousand Shamed Ones to be executed.


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