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"Welcome to 'Planet Hoppers,' a new feature on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game website. Each month, we'll bring you a set of articles on a particular world in the Star Wars galaxy that a Gamemaster can use separately or as a linked series of events."
―Planet Hoppers introduction on[src]

Planet Hoppers is a former web feature collection from the Wizards of the Coast website, written at first by Morrie Mullins and then taken over by Cory J. Herndon, and published weekly (with a few blank weeks) from January 2003 to October 2004, with a final additional chapter on April 2005 by Rodney Thompson. It is based on a 4-5 chapters story set on a single planet, along with RPG stats and info of the characters, technology, creatures, and locations appearing in the story.

The Planet Hoppers articles are:

A set of Kashyyyk articles were planned, but have presumably been canceled.

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