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Planet of the Dead
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Steve Niles


Davidé Fabbri


Christian Dalla Vecchia


Steve Dutro


Sno Cone

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Dark Horse Comics

Published in

Star Wars Tales 17



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Rebellion era

Planet of the Dead is a 12-page comic that appears in Star Wars Tales 17, written by Steve Niles. The story was re-published six years later as a free, standalone comic on October 31, 2009.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

Planet of the Dead lady and baby 1

Lady and her baby.

Han Solo and Chewbacca come into the possession of some valuable glowing Tandgor gems, that Solo claims will pay off debts and pay for modifications to the Millennium Falcon. When the Falcon runs low on fuel they head for a small unnamed planet. Solo receives no lifesign readings, as if the whole planet's population disappeared.

After making planet fall, Solo and Chewbacca step out of their ship and into the fog, only for the Corellian to be confronted and overwhelmed by groaning skeletal figures; The undead. After Chewbacca fights them off they beat a hasty retreat back to the Falcon but find the fuel line has been severed. It seems someone doesn't want them to leave.

Arming themselves, the two-man crew of the Falcon head back out and come face to face with a local and her baby. She explains that the crew of a 'Great Interplanetary Ark' perished after their ship crashed in the planet's fog. They are compelled to wander the planet as corpses, terrorizing the locals every night.

Using the Tandgor Gems to lay down lines, Han forms a makeshift runway that drives away the fog. A ghostly apparition of the ship that crashed long ago uses it to land, easing the spirits of the perished crew. The living dead would no longer terrorize the planets residents.

Han and Chewbacca leave the planet out of pocket, but were rewarded with enough fuel to last them the rest of their journey.

Planet of the Dead Zombies

Han Solo is in trouble.


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