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The planetary defense forces were maintained by various worlds independently of the military force controlled by the central galactic government.[4]

Although the Galactic Republic lacked a standing military,[5] its member worlds had their own defense forces, like the Coruscant Home Defense Fleet.[6]

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the planet Botajef kept its own defense force.[1]

Culper, an aide of Moff Ghadi offered Eli Vanto a position within a Core World defense fleet in an attempt to slow the rise of Thrawn.[1]

In the aftermath of the New Republic's victory over the remnants of the Galactic Empire, the Senate passed the Military Disarmament Act. While the act kept the New Republic Starfleet as the largest defense force in the galaxy, it greatly reduced its size and capabilities as the New Republic preferred to bolster the training and funding for the local planetary defense forces to prevent the Empire's abuses and the Old Republic's failings. This meant that many of the planetary defense forces in the New Republic were larger and more well equipped than during the Old Republic.[4]

Some thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, its remnants had rebuilt themselves into the militarized First Order. Frustrated by the Senate's refusal to see the First Order as a threat and to take military action, General Leia Organa formed the Resistance, a private military force. She recruited from both the New Republic's military and the planetary defense forces, many whose worlds saw the worst of the Empire's oppression and were eager to fight against its resurgence.[4]



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