Plant Food is an adventure in The Kathol Outback, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

While tracking Moff Kentor Sarne, the FarStar arrives at the planet Binaros. Captain Adrimetrum sends a small landing party down to gather food and resources. While on the planet, the landing party discover an abandoned research station and remains of an old colony. Security Officer Kl'aal, while hunting a Binarian sabercat, inadvertently comes into contact with the spores of a feeder plant. Upon returning to the ship, the spores detach and spread throughout the vessel.

After leaving the planet, the FarStar is plagued by malfunctions, resulting in the ship dropping out of hyperspace in an asteroid field. While attempting to discover the source of the malfunctions, it is found that the spores from the feeder plant had settled in one of the lower cargo holds and began to grow. Mobile feeders roam the ship, sourcing supplies for the mother plant, draining water and eventually trying to kill crewmen for the nutrients in their blood. Threatened, the crew of the FarStar attempt to battle the plant and find a way to defeat it. Despite being hampered by the arrival of a Lancer-class frigate and escort, Doctor Varel DeVay develops a gaseous poison to kill the plant and save the FarStar.



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