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"Information is like plasma; it can bind, or it can burn."
―Yuuzhan Vong priest[src]

Plasma was the fourth form of matter, which was created by ionizing gases at high temperatures. Plasma was naturally produced in stars, although it could be found in other places in the galaxy and created artificially by electrifying, heating or otherwise energizing gasses. The planet Naboo was known to export plasma as early as the reign of King Ars Veruna. When used in blasters, it was more effective against droids and shields, while the more common concentrated particle beams were more effective against living beings.

BlasTech DC-model blasters from the Clone Wars fired blue, plasma-based rounds, using the ionic charge of plasma very efficiently against droids.

The Zann Consortium used several ships and vehicles equipped with plasma cannons designed to shoot two shots spiraling around each other and inflict massive damage.

Yuuzhan Vong ships shot balls of plasma.

Blasters and Disruptors shoot magnetically contained plasma.

In the mines on Oovo IV a tool called the Gasifier turned rock into plasma.

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Although previous sources had established the lightsaber's blade as being made of pure energy[1][2][3], it was on one occasion described as being made from plasma.[4]



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