"A plasma bomb? That could level an entire quadrant of Curamelle."
Noro Zak[src]

Plasma bombs were a type of explosive plasma weapons in use during multiple periods of history, especially during the final decades of the Galactic Republic and in the Galactic Civil War. The ordnance was constructed for a time in the Tython system. They were used by Bartokk assassins in an attempt to destroy the Corulag Academy. Later, the Alliance to Restore the Republic used plasma bombs on Mon Calamari Star Cruisers; the bombs were set off as a diversion during the Battle of the Sixela system in 1 ABY. By 7 ABY, the Scohar Xenohealth Institute had acquired a plasma bomb as a precaution against a contagion outbreak.


Before the RepublicEdit

Plasma bombs were among the ordnance constructed on the planet Nox, in the Tython system. They were used by the dome city of Knool Tandor during the tragedy of Greenwood Station.[4]

Galactic RepublicEdit

When, due to the separate efforts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul, the Bartokk assassins hired by Groodo the Hutt failed to destroy the Republic Academy on Corulag using stolen Trade Federation droid starfighters, the Bartokk Queen decided to fulfill her contract with Groodo by using a subtler strategy. To this end, the Bartokks were sent to Sullust, where they stole a SoroSuub Corporation space yacht and six X10-D draft droids. Three of the droids had compact remote-cotrolled proton bombs installed into their torsos, each of the explosives shaped like geodesic spheres and carrying enough firepower to level a small city (or a quadrant of a city the size of Curamelle). The Bartokks planned to infiltrate the bomb-equipped droids among the other draft droids into the Academy Science Service tower and then trigger the bombs, causing the destruction of the Corulag Academy. However, the Jedi Grand Master Yoda succeeded in deactivating all the draft droids and, with the help of a security droid, deactivated two of the bombs while exploding the third bomb aboard the Bartokks' space yacht at a safe altitude in Corulag's atmosphere.[1]

Early Galactic Civil WarEdit

In 1 ABY, a group of Rebel Mon Calamari Star Cruisers released their plasma bombs to create a cloud of ionized gases a kilometer across. The cloud interfered with electronic systems. Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker and the mercenary Div were pursued by a squadron of TIE/LN starfighters through the cloud; the Rebels maneuvered downward at Div's command, letting the TIEs hit an Imperial Star Destroyer hidden by the cloud, causing serious damage to the starship.[2]

Zsinj campaignEdit

The Scohar Xenohealth Institute on the planet Storinal held a plasma bomb around 7 ABY. It the event of a contagion outbreak in the disease containment vault, the bomb would have gone off and incinerated the entire building. The Institute was infiltrated by the X-wing unit Wraith Squadron to steal a sample of Bunkurd Sewer Disorder for use in their campaign against the Warlord Zsinj. The Wraiths succeeded in stealing the sample and exfiltrated without setting off the plasma bomb.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

These weapons first appeared in Aaron Allston's 1998 novel X-Wing: Wraith Squadron. They appeared the following year, and again in 2010 with Alex Wheeler's Rebel Force: Uprising. In 2013, plasma bombs were featured in the pre-Republic story Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void.


Notes and referencesEdit

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