A Plastoid infiltration droid, also known as simply a Plastidroid, was an incredibly sophisticated bio-droid that was developed by Cestus Cybernetics along with the JK-13 security droid during the height of the Clone Wars. The Plastidroid was an infiltrator combat droid who, in its inert form, resembled amorphous bundles of technology. Inside this gelatinous sack were various components from limbs to weapons that could assemble together upon command. These transformations caused no damage to the 'skin' which readily conformed to any shape that the droid took. The droids were thus able to move fluidly through difficult terrain and bypass almost any barrier. When completely assembled, the droids were five meters tall and used a tread based form of locomotion. They had long necks armed with both sensors and weapons, and one of these weapons included laser nodes that could cut paths through walls and rock.

A group of these droids along with JK-13 security droids infiltrated a Republic camp on Ord Cestus during the Bio-Droid Threat, nearly wiping out the resistance fighters assembled.


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