Platykona-zemlo-mobris, also known as pl-z-mo or pleaz-mo was a type of addictive synth-drug that when consumed, reduced the user's inhibitions and made them more open-minded. The Galactic Empire laced the food at Aucellis Park, an entertainment part on the moon Keriba VI that was secretly an Imperial re-education center, with pleaz-mo, to make the park's visitors more suceptible to manipulation. However, the drug's developers soon realized that pleaz-mo was too addictive and that if it ever entered general circulation, people might start checking for traces of it in the circulatory systems of beings around the galaxy, which could potentially expose the Empire's activities at Aucellis Park.

About five years later, during the time of the Galactic Civil War, a shipment of pleaz-mo went missing while en-route to Aucellis Park. The missing drugs eventually made it into the dressings of several hundred servings of salad served at a high-profile dinner party and as a result of the drugs' effect, the party descended into chaos. In an attempt to prevent the drug from being traced to them, the operators of Aucellis Park hired the Human smuggler Balthazar Sim to remove all evidence of their involvement in the incident.