Pleida was a planet located in the Tovosh system of the Outer Rim Territories.


Pleida had a temperate climate and a number of different ecologies. The majority of its terrain consisted of lowland vegetation that grew on rocky shale.


A conflict was once fought on Pleida, with one side forcing the other to abandon their front-line fortifications and pull further back. However, as they retreated, they left a number of booby traps and mines at strategic points. The opposing side established a new base, Camp Kavel, in the recently evacuated zone, but a number of their command officers were injured during the advance. The advancing side decided to send the surgeon Pleth Juun to the camp to treat the officers, but due to their lack of aerial superiority in the area, they were unable to fly her there. Instead, Captain Roff Volane of the advancing side assigned a group of agents to escort Juun to the camp.


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