Plessus Ghon was a male Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the final decades of the Republic Classic era.


Discovered near birth to be Force-sensitive and raised at the Coruscant Jedi Temple, Plessus Gon trained at the academy there and learned the ways of the Force. Eventually graduating and studying as a Padawan, Ghon passed his Jedi Trials and was recognized as a Jedi Knight by the Jedi High Council.[1]

Just prior to the Clone Wars, Ghon was dispatched to Kabal with fellow Knights Ixian Rovieda, Nygreena Clo, and the Padawan Renxis Dielle to end the month-long riots in the capital city of Shoribus. The riots begun due to planet-wide food shortages, and were only ended when the Confederacy of Independent Systems dropped parcels of rations and other food stuff within the city. The riots claimed many lives, including that of Premiere Jan Dovu; holo-footage of several robed bodies were transmitted over the HoloNet and the High Council confirmed that Ghon and the other Jedi were indeed dead.[1]

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Two entries appear in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia for this character. The first name is Plessus Ghon, while the second, Ghon Plessus.



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