Plooriod IV, the fourth planet of the Plooriod system, was a member of the Greater Plooriod Cluster, an agricultural territory of the Expansion Region of the galaxy.


During Operation Grain Snatch, Imperial Overlord Ghorin's CR90 corvette, Halifax, and her six Y-wing escorts were disabled by Red Squadron above Plooriod IV The corvette was boarded by the Rebel Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport Storm, which stole her cargo while the shuttle groups Typhoon, Thunder and Lightning captured her escorts.

Later, the Imperial Nebulon-B frigate Red Wind was discovered near the planet and was destroyed by three groups of Alliance corvettes Striker, Hammer, and Arrow.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008, has an entry for Overlord Ghorin which refers to his castle on Plooriod IV. This contradicts the Imperial Pursuit cut scene, which shows the castle on Plooriod III. Anyway, the Plooriod III's and Plooriod IV's entries are correct.



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