Ploovo's Protocol Team was an unofficial criminal group that worked for crimelord Ploovo Two-For-One.

The Protocol Team was a five-person group that specialized in obtaining money owed to Ploovo. Due to Ploovo's loanshark activities, he usually found an amount of people delaying in the payments; in those cases, Ploovo sent the Protocol Team to collect the forgotten payments.

The Protocol Team was known to use violence and the threat of violence to obtain the money. For unclear reasons, the Protocol Team was considered a threat by the Rebel Alliance.


The team was an efficient mix of aliens and droids. The members were:

  • Beatas, a Klatooinian mercenary who led the Protocol Team. He began working for Ploovo in 5 BBY.
  • Durmag, a force pike-wielding Gamorrean, who started working for Ploovo shortly before 2 ABY. Previously, Durmag worked for another crimelord, but that being gave Durmag to Ploovo in exchange of an undefined favor.
  • EV-4D9, a sadistic droid, bought after HN-TR1 and Lotas expressed their interest on it.
  • HN-TR1, an assassin droid, was hired by Ploovo on 4 BBY.
  • Lotas, a Rodian cyborg, began working for Ploovo in undisclosed situations.


Protocol Team 2

Ploovo Two-For-One (far right) with Durmag, EV-4D9 and Beatas (left to right)