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The Plug-2 Behemoth engine was a Podracer engine produced by Collor Pondrat prior to the Invasion of Naboo.

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The Plug-2 Behemoth, one of the largest known Podracer engines, had nonetheless excellent turning as well as impressive speed acceleration and cooling, thanks to its massive intake turbines, which made it one of the best engines in terms of performance.


Mars Guo piloted a Plug-2 Behemoth during the Boonta Eve Classic won by Anakin Skywalker. The cooling turbines almost proved to be fatal for Mars Guo during the Boonta Eve race. The cheating Sebulba tossed a piece of iron in one of Guo's turbines, and the entire engine turned into a flying inferno that snagged one of Anakin's steelton cables almost costing him the race. The vehicle crashed in the desert, but, though he was presumed dead, Guo was found alive.

In 1 BBY, an unidentified pilot used a Plug-2 Behemoth during the Boonta Eve Classic of that year, where a StarSpeeder 1000 inadvertently entered in the third lap and holding the lead before the StarSpeeder 1000 stacked an IPG-X1131 LongTail engine, giving it twice the power and allowing it to overtake the Plug-2 Behemoth.



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