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Plumestriker was an Imperial officer who patrolled the Blockade of Kashyyyk, the Emperor Palpatine Museum and Echo Base on Hoth with his partner Durpin. During the course of his duties, Plumestriker would encounter the scavenging Freemakers on several occasions.


Imperial fleet Peril on Kashyyyk

Plumestriker and Durpin commanded the Imperial blockade of Kashyyyk

Blockade of KashyyykEdit

Plumestriker was an Imperial officer who served as an aide to Lieutenant Commander Durpin during the Imperial Era. Following the Battle of Hoth, Plumestriker and Durpin commanded the Imperial Blockade above the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. While the Imperial Navy blockaded the planet, the Empire's Trandoshan proxies enforced order among the Wookiees. To keep the Wookiees subdued, the Trandoshans imprisoned Chief Attabura's son Tantarra in an island fortress as a hostage.[1]

When a scavenging family called the Freemakers managed to travel past the blockade in their freighter StarScavenger, Plumestriker and Durpin gave orders for their men to pretend the intrusion never happened. However, they themselves ventured down to Kashyyyk's surface to catch them. The two officers flew on their shuttle to the Trandoshan island fortress and asked if they had seen anything unusual. When the Trandoshans reported that a group of humans had delivered a wroshyr wood panel, Plumestriker recognized the intruders were around while Durpin sounded the alarm.[1]

Despite their efforts, the Freemakers managed to free Tantarra and alert Attabura; whose forces then attacked the fortress. The Freemakers also managed to obtain the third Kyber Saber crystal. Plumestriker and Durpin managed to trap Zander Freemaker and his younger brother Rowan at the StarScavenger. While Durpin made a speech about what they were going to do with the rebels, Plumestriker realized that one more was missing. At that point, Kordi Freemaker resurfaced with the wroshyr wood panel and knocked the two Imperials on the head.[1]

Later, Lieutenant Commander Durpin attempted to shift some of the blame to Plumestriker during his report to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. However, the Emperor blamed the debacle on the Trandoshans and promoted Durpin to the rank of general. He also gave him more more and resources to get the job done. While Plumestriker was overjoyed, Durpin was despondent.[1]

Stint on NabooEdit

Plumestriker Crystal Chase

Plumestriker and his stormtroopers corner the Freemakers

Following the events on Kashyyyk, Plumestriker was also promoted to Commander. He and General Durpin were reassigned to a plush posting: the Emperor Palpatine Museum on Naboo. The Museum had once been the Theed Royal Palace but was now repurposed as a museum dedicated to the Emperor. The two generals were tasked with guarding the exhibits. One day, they encountered Zander who was wheeling in the B1 battle droid Roger as a disguised museum exhibit. The two men failed to recognize the Freemakers due to Zander's mustache and joked about the stupidity of breaking into the Museum.[2]

Unknown to Plumestriker and Durpin, the Freemakers were planning to break into the Museum and steal the sixth Kyber Saber crystal. Later that night, Roger exited his display cabinet and let the Freemakers inside the Museum. While all this was happening, Plumestriker and Durpin were playing holochess. While Plumestriker was startled by the sound of breaking glass, Plumestriker was too preoccupied with the game.[2]

After Rowan accidentally toppled one of Palpatine's statues which triggered a chain reaction that collapsed an N-1 starfighter, Plumestriker raised the alarm despite Durpin's objections and ordered the stormtrooper sentries to search the prison. The two officers and their stormtroopers soon cornered Zander, Roger, and Kordi in the former Theed Hangar. While Durpin wanted to let the intruders go, Plumestriker recognized them as the intruders he had encountered on Kashyyyk and ordered their execution.[2]

Before the stormtroopers could execute the Freemakers, Rowan arrived disguised as the Emperor himself and ordered the Imperials to release his siblings; claiming they were generous donors. An apologetic Plumestriker and Durpin left the hangar. The Museum was subsequently destroyed following a duel between the Freemakers, the Sith agent Naare, and the bounty hunter Dengar. Plumestriker and Durpin survived the damage but found themselves in trouble.[2]

Reassignment to HothEdit

Durpin and Plumestriker Hoth

Durpin and Plumestriker confront the Freemakers

Following the debacle at the Emperor Palpatine Museum, Plumestriker and Durpin were demoted to Sub-Ensign and Ensign respectively. The two were reassigned to the former rebel base Echo Base on the icy planet of Hoth. While Plumestriker regarded the reassignment as a punishment and sought to get back in the Empire's favor, Durpin was happy that they were away from the galaxy's problems and strife. When the Freemakers and Roger arrived on a makeshift snowspeeder sledge drawn by two tauntauns, Plumestriker wanted to alert Imperial High Command.[3]

However, Durpin did not want anything to disturb their quiet exile and tried to drive the Freemakers away with his blaster. However, the baby wampa that the Freemakers befriended grabbed his leg. Durpin called for Plumestriker to shoot at the wampa but he missed. This provoked the wampa's mother who attacked and pursued the two Imperials. Despite the scuffle, Plumestriker managed to send a distress signal that was picked up by Naare and her ally Graballa, who were hunting the Freemakers and the seventh Kyber Saber crystal. Later, a fleeing Plumestriker and Durpin ran over Naare while being pursued by the mother wampa and her child.[3]

Manning the blockadeEdit

Plumestrike and Durpin were later reassigned to command a Gozanti-class cruiser which blockaded a planet where the rebel agents Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca were stranded. Since their ship Millennium Falcon lacked a fuel intermixer, they were unable to escape offworld. The Imperial officers' Gozanti cruiser later intercepted the Freemakers' starship StarScavenger in space. After being boarded, the Freemakers pretended to be sick with the Gamorrean flu.[4]

Plumestriker quickly recognized the Freemakers as being on the Empire's Most Wanted List. Durpin was convinced but Plumestriker realized that humans could not contract the Gamorrean flu. He ordered his stormtroopers to arrest the Freemakers and confiscate their cargo. The Freemakers were thrown into the brig but managed to escape with the help of their droid Roger. The Freemakers then stole a fuel intermixer and detached their ship from the Gozanti cruiser. Plumestriker tried to alert Durpin but found that his superior was fretting about contracting Gamorrean flu. The Freemakers managed to use the stolen fuel intermixer to help Lando and Chewbacca escape aboard the Millennium Falcon.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Imperial officers Peril on Kashyyyk

The Freemakers run into Imperial officers

Plumestriker was an ambitious and hardworking but unreliable Imperial officer. Unlike his complacent superior Durpin, Plumestriker was actually interested in fulfilling his duties as an Imperial officer. He determined that the Freemakers had infiltrated the Tradoshan island fortress after learning that a group of humans were delivering a wroshyr wood panel. Plumestriker welcomed his comrade Durpin's promotion to General as a sign that that they would get the men and resources they needed to deal with the rebels.[1]

While serving his posting at the Emperor Palpatine Museum, the alert Plumestriker tried to warn Durpin about the presence of intruders. However, Durpin was only roused when the Freemakers triggered a chain reaction that toppled an N-1 starfighter exhibit. Plumestriker could also recognize faces when he discovered the Freemakers in the Theed Hangar. Plumestriker was willing to execute prisoners but was easily fooled by Rowan's charade as Emperor Palpatine.[2]

Following the destruction of the Emperor Palpatine Museum, Plumestriker regarded his posting at Echo Base as a punishment and sought to get back in the Empire's good books by alerting Imperial High Command to the Freemakers. He exhibited poor marskmanship when trying to shoot a baby wampa that was biting Durpin's legs.[3]

Plumestriker was also more knowledgeable than his comrade Durpin. When the Freemakers feigned symptoms of the Gamorrean flu, he pointed out that humans could not contract that disease. Recognizing them as Imperial fugitives, Plumestriker ordered his men to imprison them aboard the ship's brig. However, Plumestriker was unable to attend to the Freemakers' escape since Durpin was preoccupied with his own fear that he had contracted the Gamorrean flu.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Plumestriker is voiced by Jeff Bennett in the 2016 Disney XD animated series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


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