"First time on a diplopod, Cadet Leonis? I'm Sergeant Pocarto. Don't worry—diplopods like their meat nice and rotten. Just don't make sudden moves if you're near their stingers."
―Pocarto to Zare Leonis[src]

Pocarto was a human male sergeant with the Galactic Empire who served as an instructor at the Empire's officers' academy on the planet Arkanis. He was a tall individual who appeared hatchet-faced.[1]

During his time at the Arkanis Academy, Zare Leonis encountered this instructor when participating in a field exercise involving the use of creatures known as diplopods. Pocarto gave basic advice on the controlling of the diplopods. He later expressed pleasure at seeing Leonis alive at the end of the exercise, in which Leonis's diplopod and another cadet, Xan Lanier, had been killed. Pocarto was later present during an assembly of the cadets and praised Leonis on the care that he took in the presentation of his ceremonial uniform, though later in the term he was annoyed by Leonis's scuffed boots. Finally, he was present for a tribunal in which Leonis was expelled from Imperial service for various crimes, such as treason, and then sentenced to death by firing squad.[1]


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