Pog lived on Tralus and was a member of the fringe community.

Pog had access to the elite Cynabar's InfoNet, and in 29:3:3, advertised the use of the ThunderForce mercenary group, who had previously won the Battle of Binquaros. As their agent, Pog offered to meet any prospective employers at Fathoms on Mon Calamari, and give them a tour of the mercenaries' Outer Rim facilities if necessary.[1]

Later in 36:3:1, Pog responded to a post by the TriNebulon News reporter Andor Javin. Javin claimed that the Galactic Empire was behind a conspiracy that caused the IG-88 series to kill their designers. Pog called Javin a "conspiracy buff" and disputed the rationality of his theory.[2]


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