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"You're committing an act of war, Archduke. I hope you're prepared for the consequences."
"«We build weapons, Senator! That is our business. Of course we're prepared!»"
Padmé Amidala and Poggle the Lesser[src]

Archduke Poggle the Lesser was the public leader of the Geonosians during the Clone Wars, though he was subservient to Queen Karina the Great. He controlled the Geonosian battle droid factories, and was a powerful figure within the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[4] The Archduke commanded the droid armies that fought against the Republic during the two battles for Geonosis.[1] During the final stages of the war, he and the rest of the Separatist Council were relocated to Utapau and later on Mustafar, where he was cut in half by Darth Vader.[2]

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Poggle the Lesser was voiced by Marton Csokas in Attack of the Clones, and by Matthew Wood in The Clone Wars television series.



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