Pol Virten was a male Clawdite thief who, upon stealing a number of Sith artifacts from a museum, aspired to become a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Apart from his real form, which he rarely assumed, Virten was known to transform into both an arrogant-looking Human male and an Ualaq Aqualish.


Pol Virten made his way through life on burlgary, using his species's shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate secure locations and walk away with whatever he could get his hands on. Virten knew that he was special, and when he discovered that he could move objects just by concentrating on them, he knew that he had a special destiny--as a Sith.

While in his human guise, he took a job for the crime lord Draba the Hutt, liberating a handful of relics from a museum in the Hapes Consortium. Before he could deliver them to his employer, however, Virten began to have dreams in which he was a full-fledged Sith Lord, ruling an empire where Hutts feared and respected him, rather than the other way around. Virten was quick to deduce that the dreams had originated from one of the artifacts he had stolen--a fragment of an ancient Sith holocron--and decided to seize his opportunity for greatness, betraying Draba. He then sold all but two of the artifacts--the aforementioned holocron and a malfunctioning double-bladed lightsaber--to finance his new empire.

Draba, who remained ignorant of both his treacherous employee's Clawdite nature and Sith inclinations, posted a 100,000 credit reward for anyone who could bring Pol Virten in alive--if only so that the Hutt might have the pleasure of making his death as unbearable as possible. Virten was unperturbed, and in fact pleased by this turn of events; he wanted the gangster to send bounty hunters after him, so that he might test his new abilities. However, realizing that his skills were not on par with those of the ancient Sith Lords--and that the hunters could still beat him through sheer weight of numbers--Virten spread rumors of him being on over a dozen worlds to throw off the scent, using the time this bought him to learn new powers from the artifacts.

Shootout on Nar ShaddaaEdit

Eventually, a band of spacers tracked the self-styled Sith Lord to the famous Kessel Club on Nar Shaddaa, where they engaged Virten and his eight bodyguards in a protracted battle over one of the Vertical City's many urban canyons. During the skirmish, he transformed into an Aqualish and ducked into a crowd of civilians in an attempt to catch his would-be captors in a cunning sneak attack, before attempting to flee to his personal shuttle.