The Poletecs were a species of purple and white-skinned, lanky humanoids native to the planet Skako Minor. By the time of the Clone Wars they still led a primitive lifestyle, using spears as weapons, and were wary of offworlders. Despite that, they ended up forming an alliance with the Galactic Republic and, when warned by a jedi that they would soon be attacked by the Techno Union's Droid Forces, they fought, not willing to give up their village, and because the jedi's forces needed their help. However many Poletecs were brutally killed by the droids; many being killed by Octuptarra tri-droids. During the battle, the Poletec chief was transporting one of his men to safety, and did not notice that he was about to be crushed by one of the Octuptarra tri-droid's legs. Wrecker managed to push the chief out of the way, saving the Poletec's life. Eventually, the battle was one by Clone Force 99 and the Poletecs, with the help of a jedi, and the survivors cheered in their native tongue. The Poletec chief later thanked the Republic for their help, and said that they would always have an ally on Skako Minor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of all Clone troopers in the The Clone Wars series, improvised the Poletec language and used the backwards speech from the red room in the series Twin Peaks as inspiration.[3]



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