Political Doubletalk was a propaganda poster created by professor emeritus Santos Bel-Pak of the Lebrasa Argente School for the Arts and Persuasive Sciences during the Separatist Crisis—more specifically, in the lead-up to the Military Creation Act. It depicted then-Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine with half of his face replaced with a skull, a red border on the bottom, and the words written in High Galactic "The United Committee for Galactic Peace reminds you: Violence is Security; Chaos is Order; War is Peace; Don't be fooled by political doubletalk!" as well as "Vote against the Military Creation Act!" in the red border, with the first phrase written in red, the second through fourth phrases written in white and large letters, and the fifth phrase in yellow, and the phrase in the red border written in black for all save for "against," which was written in white. As indicated by the written words, Bel-Pak had created the propaganda piece specifically for the United Committee for Galactic Peace, which was a front group for the Gotal-based terrorist group Roshu Sune.[1]


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