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"With your help we will ensure a safe and secure galaxy."
―Excerpt from one of Harro's and Hax's communiqués[src]

Pollux Hax was a male individual who served as the Minister of Information for COMPNOR for much of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's reign. He was tasked with keeping the journalists in check so their reports coincided with the Imperial propaganda. Hax also worked with Eris Harro, Bureau Chief for the Outer Rim Node of the HoloNet News, to warn the population of a rebellious group based on Lothal.


"On behalf of the HoloNet News we would like to welcome you to the Imperial Press Corps."
―Excerpt from one of Harro's and Hax's communiqués[src]

Pollux Hax was a male bureaucrat of the Galactic Empire,[1] an authoritarian regime founded by Sheev Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars.[3] By 3272 LY,[4] fourteen years after the Empire's establishment, he served as Palpatine's Minister of Information and worked on Level 5127 in the Federal District on Coruscant. In that capacity, the bureaucrat was part of the Coalition for Progress, a sub-agency of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order—or COMPNOR for short. The minister maintained an office in the COMPNOR arcology, a building located on the highest surface level of Coruscant.[2] Hax notably made sure that the stories provided by the HoloNet News, the only state-sanctioned news agency, were consistent with government messaging.[5]

In 3272 LY, Hax worked in lockstep with Eris Harro, Bureau Chief for the Outer Rim Node of the HoloNet News. The two wrote a letter of congratulations to new members of the Imperial Press Corps, awarding them their official press pins.[2] In an effort to punish seditiious activities, Hax and Harro also provided the Imperial Press Corps with a series of six wanted posters depicting the members of a Lothal-based rebellious group.[6]

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"Be on the lookout for enemies of the Empire!"
―Excerpt from one of Harro's and Hax's communiqués[src]

In the communiqués issued for the Imperial Press Corps, Pollux Hax professed the deepest loyalty to the Empire, as appropriate for a member of the COMPNOR.[2] He exhorted the journalists to keep an eye for potential insurgents and report any suspect activity to the military. Hax expressed the conviction that safety within the galaxy could be best achieved through close cooperation between the journalists and the Empire's officials.[6]

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The character of Pollux Hax originated in The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, a 1995 reference book written by Kevin J. Anderson. Hax, who was referred to as the chief of "the Emperor's Propaganda Dissemination Section," acted as the in-universe narrator of the book's second chapter. His portrait in the book, which depicted him as a male humanoid dressed in purple robes, was a reused piece of concept art originally drawn by Nilo Rodis-Jamero for Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.[7] As of April 25, 2014, The Illustrated Star Wars Universe is part of Star Wars Legends, previously known as the Expanded Universe, and is therefore not official canon.[8] However, Pollux Hax was mentioned in the publicity material for the ongoing TV series Star Wars Rebels,[2][6] and received a passing mention in the official Databank on, thus bringing a version of the character back into canon.[5]


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