Polomie was a planet that became one of the many battlefield sites in the conflict known as the Galactic Civil War. In the year 1 BBY, shortly after the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, a Rebel military force established an outpost on Polomie. At the same time, construction of a new military vessel, known as the Nemesis-class gunship, had just been finished. The Imperial Department of Military Research decided that the Rebel outpost on Polomie would make a sufficient field testing site in order for the experimental gunship to test its capabilities.

Under the watchful observation of Inspector-General Moff Rebu, the Nemesis exceeded all expectations and even produced a few unexpected results as well. Utilizing jet-drives rather than the usual repulsor system, the gunship's engines produced a shrieking, high-pitched sonic wave that demoralized the Rebel soldiers, thus causing many of them to flee for their lives. In addition to its role as a symbol of fear and terror, the Nemesis-class gunship's arsenal, primarily consisting of a Hellcaster cannon and two concussion missile side-launchers, proved exceptionally efficient in an anti-personnel and anti-armor capacity.

Although extremely pleased with the results of the Nemesis' performance on Polomie, Moff Rebu was dismayed to report the consequence of such a powerful vessel. Ironically, the gunship's own weapons and firepower ironically ensured that it would never enter in to mass-production for the Imperial Navy. The costs of building the Nemesis-class gunships in small numbers was far too high. As a consequence, the few gunships that were built could only be affordable to the most wealthy Moffs and governors in the Galactic Empire.

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The planet Polomie is first mentioned in the video game databank of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. In Moff Rebu's report to the Imperial Department of Military Research, the mention of Polomie can be found in the Nemesis Gunship profile.


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