The Polydroxol were a species of sentient, denantium-based shapeshifters that were native to the world of Sevetta. They resembled two hundred kilogram masses of mercury while in their liquid state. Polydroxol usually had the power to mimic other kinds of species and speak their native language, though they could not mimic skin texture, but their native environment was the toxic volcanic pools of their homeworld. Their unusual evolution resulted in them possessing a complex circulatory system which passed electroglobins throughout the body. This also had the effect of allowing the Polydroxol to survive without oxygen. An interesting societal development was that, during travels, these creatures would often journey forth in pairs. Due to their metallic nature, superficial wounds could heal instantaneously, like the loss of a limb, or slugthrower wounds. However, while they could close their wounds and replace their limbs, they could not replace the electroglobins instantaneously, and would need an extended period of rest in order to regenerate them. It was quite possible for a Polydroxol to die of electroglobin loss but still be completely intact.



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