"So let's say I slice into a ship's nav computer and I find out it's from Aralia. I reach out to my contact on that world, and I see if he wants me to send him a shipment. After we work out a price, I sneak onto the vessel and I hide a stash of spice somewhere on board.
"I tell my contact where I hid it, give him the ship's registration, and he tells one of his buddies at the spaceport to let him know when it returns to Aralia. Then he waits until the coast is clear, sneaks on board, takes the stash, and transfers the credits into my account back here on Doan. The owner never has a clue!
―Pommat to Darth Zannah, on his spice smuggling business[src]

Pommat was a male Human smuggler and janitor living on the planet Doan around 980 BBY. He worked in a spaceport, where he broke into several unsuspecting travelers' ships and hid shipments of the spice glitterstim in them, which would then secretly be picked up by one of his contacts on the ship's home port.

In 980 BBY, Darth Zannah went on a mission to Doan to find out who was responsible for the murder of Jedi Knight Medd Tandar. While on Doan, she came across evidence of a Dark Jedi, Set Harth, who had been searching for Sith artifacts dug up by the planet's miners. She questioned a Rodian bartender, Quano, about Harth, but the Rodian didn't know where Harth had gone after leaving the planet, and so took her to Pommat. Pommat found Zannah attractive, although he initially was skeptical of her. She flirted with him a little, however, and Pommat told her he knew of the man she was looking for, before going on to tell her of his smuggling business. He charged Zannah four hundred credits, which he split with Quano, to tell her what he knew of the Dark Jedi. He revealed that the ship was registered to a man named Zun Haake, and that it came from Nal Hutta. When Zannah asked if he had hid any spice on her ship, he replied that he hadn't, as her's was the first ship to come from Ciutric IV. Zannah then abruptly killed him and Quano, as she couldn't risk letting them live with the knowledge of where she and her Master, Darth Bane, lived.


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