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"If I get the ship working again, I’ll drop you two off at Ponemah Terminal, but that’s as far as I can go. Ponemah’s still neutral territory."

Ponemah Terminal, also known simply as Ponemah, was a remote desert planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, near the planets Ogem and Jakku in the Western Reaches. It was located not too far from the edge of Republic space, and so was postulated to be a good place to drop off Resistance-friendly passengers.


Ponemah was entirely covered in desert, making for a harsh environment. The planet's south polar region, known as the Sea of Sand, was the harshest region on the planet, containing electromagnetic storms and giant sand worms. The planet's sand worms could grow to more than ninety meters in length, and were extremely dangerous. They were most common in the Sea of Sand, which, due to its extremely inhospitable environment, was generally avoided by visitors to the planet.[1]


Clone WarsEdit

The Obrexta III, a cruiser in service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, crashed on the planet during the Clone Wars, while carrying a clone trooper named Kix, who had been frozen in stasis. Five decades later, the ship was discovered by numerous teams of pirates, including the Crimson Corsair and his crew, in the Sea of Sand.[1]

Galactic Civil WarEdit

The Imperial space station Wrath orbited Ponemah, although the planet was not visible due to the station's lack of windows. Grand Moff Randd[3] of the Exterior[4] and Captain Ciena Ree were both stationed there in the buildup to the Battle of Jakku.[3]

Cold warEdit

After leaving Jakku, Ponemah Terminal, a neutral world in the cold war, would have been the drop-off planet for Finn and BB-8 after Rey fixed the Millennium Falcon. However, the Falcon's capture by its former captain, Han Solo, altered these plans, and the group never visited Ponemah.[5][6]

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