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Brainiac redirects here. You may be looking for unrelated Brainiac-series controller droid.
"One cannot do less than is required, nor more than is allowed."
―Pons Limbic[src]

Pons Limbic,[2] known by the nickname "Brainiac" given to him by the smuggler BoShek, was a male Siniteen who was present in Chalmun's Cantina when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo met for the first time.[1][3] BoShek gave him that name because he could calculate hyperspace jumps without any help from a navigation computer.[1] He was sitting at a table with Arleil Schous, Bom Vimdin, and Braconnor Bakiska.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

During production of A New Hope, the character was referred to as "Brainee," "Cranium Head" and "Crater Head."[2] It was the CCG that first gave him his nickname "Brainiac," and his true name was not revealed until the article "Cantina Roll Call: Shedding Light on Some Alien Aliases" was updated for the 2008 site redesign.[4][2]

Both the pons and the limbic system are structures within the human brain.

Brainiac is also the name of a character in the DC Universe.



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