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Pons Ora was one of the few settlements on the desert planet Abafar. It was located amidst the planetary desert known as The Void. It had water quarries, which were quite rare on Abafar.


During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems established a mining installation in Pons Ora.

Around 20 BBY, Colonel Meebur Gascon and the D-Squad crashed their ship on Abafar, and after a long and exhausting wandering in the Void, they eventually found Pons Ora, with the help of the instincts of the flightless birds native to Abafar. Later on, the squad found Gregor, a clone commando who lost his memories. Gregor helped the D-Squad to escape from the planet by stealing a shuttle from a Rhydonium mining installation. However, he seemingly died during the process after he shot a barrel of Rhydonium that caused a massive explosion.

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