Lord Por'Ten was a male Human from Ord Cestus, and member of the Cestus Cybernetics Family, whose leader was his wife, Lady Por'Ten. The Families of Cestus Cybernetics aspired to overthrow the Regent G'Mai Duris from the government.

Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Vippit Doolb Snoil arrived on Ord Cestus and were able to persuade the Regent to distrust the Families. The leaders went into hiding; Caiza Quill, Lord and Lady Por'Ten, and Debbikin the Young used a magcar to move through the subterranean tunnels, though Jedi Master Kit Fisto staged a kidnapping of the Por'Tens and their allies. They were "librated" by Kenobi, thus ensuring Cestus' loyalty to the Galactic Republic. However, the Jedi sham was ultimately revealed to the Regent, who turned against the Jedi in favor of Por'Ten's ilk once more.

Finally, the Five Families, allied with Asajj Ventress, used the JK-13 security droids against the Desert Wind. When the conflict became unstable, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine decided to send the supercruiser Nexu. With Nexu in orbit, the Five Families, including the Por'Ten, took refuge in a secret bunker that was soon discovered by ARC trooper Jangotat. Jangotat, trapped within the bunker, transmitted a code ordering Nexu to target his location. The bunker and all its occupants were killed in the blast.



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