The Port-Esta Queen was a smuggling and trading ship that operated out of Port-Esta on Vestar. Her captain spoke with Boba Fett about Abal Karda. Boog served aboard the Port-Esta Queen.

While the ship was not licensed to carry passengers, the crew were wiling to bend the rules if the price was right, and smuggled the fugitive Colonel Karda off Vestar to Starstation 12 in return for a bribe of Icarii jewels. When Fett approached the crew in pursuit of Karda, he killed Boog when the smuggler attempted to drop a crate of kneebs on top of him, and subsequently interrogated the captain for clues about Karda's trail.

Shortly after Fett departed, the captain was captured by Nevo and his motley crew of assassins, themselves contracted to follow Fett to Karda, who tortured and killed the smuggler for information.


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