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"That cannot be meant for human consumption."
Ransolm Casterfo[src]

Port in a Storm was a fortified, high-octane wine that originated on the planet of Pamarthe. It had a reputation for taking even the strongest of drinkers to their knees. Senator Ransolm Casterfo compared the experience of drinking the beverage to a series of incredibly hot stars, eventually settling on a supernova being the most apt comparison. Nonetheless, native Pamarthens were known to sip the drink as if it were nothing harsher than fruit juice.[1]

In all of Princess Leia Organa's experience, the only being she had ever known to willingly ingest the drink who wasn't from Pamarthe was Chewbacca. Even Han Solo never dared to try it, though he was known to have employed Port in a Storm as an emergency solvent during starship repairs.[1]


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