A portable computer manufactured by MicroThrust Processor

A portable computer, also known simply as a portable, was a type of personal computer that allowed their user to write programs and use them against bigger mainframe computers. At the time of the Galactic Civil War, portables were expensive, and some considered them outdated—since droids could be used to achieve the same results. However, portables retained many advantages: they were small enough to fit in a backpack, had a high memory capacity and processing power, and were equipped with several interface ports so the operator would not have to carry various cable adaptors. Additionally, while droids could develop personality quirks or be unavailable for the task, portables remained under full control of their operators. Many portable computers existed on the market, some of which were manufactured by MicroThrust Processors.[1] Governor-General Dixton's secretaries Lyn and Perspik carried portable computers.[2]



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