Post Patrol was an Imperial tactic used during the Galactic Civil War.


To reduce smuggling, piracy and other illegal activities in a sector or system, strong military forces were spontaneously stationed at hyperspace crossing points. These points could either be in deep space or at starports. At deep space points, Immobilizer 418 cruisers aided in dragging ships out of hyperspace.[1]

Every single ship encountered were thoroughly searched, computer records were examined and cross-checked while the crew underwent inspection. Errors in the procedure could lead to immediate arrest.[1] Ships that tried to avoid or run the Post Patrol were engaged and either boarded or destroyed.[2]


One such Operation near the Blair Cluster was conducted by the Star Destroyer Rage and the Interdictor cruiser Compellor. The results revealed that every ship stopped had been carrying wanted criminals, illicit goods, or both.[2]



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