PowerOn Conglomeration was a major corporation that was one of the original founders of the Pentastar Alignment. Its base of operations was on the planet Cantras Gola, and it had good relations with the chief ambassador from the planet.

As the New Republic began to increase in power, and the Pentastar Alignment began to shrink in influence, PowerOn threatened to secede and join the New Republic. To prevent this threat to their power, the Alignment kidnapped the children of the Cantras Gola ambassador with help from the Karazak Slavers Cooperative. This pressured PowerOn to stay with the Alignment to prevent any harm coming to the ambassador's children.

Luckily, a mercenary unit known as the Red Moons who were staunchly opposed to the Pentastar Alignment rescued the children and relieved the stress put on PowerOn. The company seceded shortly afterward and joined the New Republic.

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