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The Praesitlyn Defense Force was the Republic military force stationed on Praesitlyn during the Clone Wars to defend the Intergalactic Communications Center.

It was commanded by General Khamar and his subordinate, Commander Llanmore. It consisted of mixed Human and Sluissi officers and included at least two battalions of ground troops, several wings of T-19 starfighters and several recon platoons, each of which was equipped with military-refitted civilian landspeeders and given only one set of TT-4s.

Khamar felt that the force was too small to defend Praesitlyn, and has requested additional troops and capital ships to defend the world, but Coruscant refused additional aid. This caused him to wonder if someone in the Republic wished for the Separatists to attack the world.

The force was entirely wiped out during the opening stages of the Battle of Praesitlyn, except for Erk H'Arman and Odie Subu.



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