Pre-Corellian was an ancient pre-Corellian language from which the most universal intergalactic greeting was obtained. This greeting is yaa-yaah, literally translated as "greetings." This phrase was typically followed by slightly extending one's right hand with the palm opened downward. The opposite was the equally ancient haa-yaah, literally translated as "farewell." The same hand gesture was used, but this time with the head bowed slightly. These greetings and gestures were almost universally understood by air-breathing species, though Ugnaughts took offense to it; when dealing with them, Ebenn Q3 Baobab advised instead silently bowing slightly and awaiting a guttural purring in response.[1]

The word "Sith" could be found in Pre-Corellian lexicons, having the meaning of "due to" or "since."[2]


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