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The Predator's Beak was a YT-2400 light freighter that was used by the Galactic Empire as a scout ship. At some point shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Predator's Beak traveled to the Yorgraxx system, where it collided with an asteroid and was forced to crash land on the planet Yorgraxx. The impact damaged the freighter beyond repair and killed all of the ship's crews, with the exceptions of the Humans Arran Flekk and Vor Harkass. The crash also re-awakened the long-dormant spirit of Quorlac Fornayh, a Sith Lord who had ruled Yorgraxx over a thousand years earlier. Stranded, Flekk and Harkass made a living inside the wreckage of the freighter for over a month, until they encountered the crew of the stricken Rebel Alliance transport Griffon's Wings.

Flekk and Harkass agreed to co-operate with the crew of the Griffon's Wings and they salvaged some parts from the remains of the Predator's Beak, to repair the Rebel transport.


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