This article is about the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Predator. You may be looking for other uses of the term.

The Predator was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.

Predator was assigned to rendezvous with shuttles near Kessel and transfer Rebel prisoners of war from the prison colony. There were to be five shuttles carrying the prisoners and only two TIE/LN starfighters as escort. The Rebel Alliance learned of the prisoner transfer and dispatched five of their own shuttles along with three Y-wings as escort to mount a rescue.

The Y-wings destroyed the TIE escorts and disabled the shuttles before engaging and destroying several TIE/IN starfighters which had launched from Predator while the Rebel shuttles rescued the prisoners. The Star Destroyer itself was too far away to prevent the rescue.

The participating Rebel pilots were awarded the Corellian Cross for their bravery and the mission was later recreated as a simulation for use in training new pilots.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though referred to as Predator in the mission description in Star Wars: X-Wing, the ship is identified as Tiger in the mission itself. Since X-wing's mission is only a recreation of the mission described, Predator is taken here as the correct name. Whether Tiger is also the name of a Star Destroyer is unknown.