"The human exudes smokey darkness, weariness and disgust, baked into his being by the twin suns of Tatooine. He fancies himself an adept lawman but his hunting instincts have long been blunted."
―Balu as described by Feltipern Trevagg — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Predne Balu was a male Imperial Assistant Security Officer from Tatooine. He was a coworker of Feltipern Trevagg.


Trevagg caught sight of M'iiyoom Onith, a female H'nemthe. Balu warned Feltipern to "leave the girl alone"  when he was attempting to bed her. However, stubborn Trevagg didn't listen to him, and was killed during their mating ritual. Balu's surprised reaction to Wuher's fingering of M'iiyoom Onith in Trevagg's murder suggests that Balu did not know of the danger Trevagg was in.

As a security officer, Balu patrolled the streets of Mos Eisley. He wore dark blue pants and vest, gray shirt, and tan holster and belt.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio dramatization of Nightlily: The Lovers' Tale, the character was voiced by Russell Horton.