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Preigo was a Dug male and the manager of a traveling circus act known as Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder.


Around 20 BBY, Preigo traveled to the planet Florrum after making a special agreement to go again for Hondo Ohnaka. The last time he visited him was quite disappointing when one of his artists was decapitated by one of Hondo's pirates. Preigo hoped that he would do a great job to impress Hondo since he was afraid to mess up. On the way to Hondo's base, he met five circus acrobats who immediately showed their best side note. However, he had no idea that these acrobats were in fact Jedi Initiates that were on a mission to rescue Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

During the performance, the Younglings took action by rescuing Ahsoka and were able to cause a distraction. This caused a lot of commotion, in which Preigo did not hesitate and was afraid of what Hondo would do to him. He immediately launched his ship and left the planet.

Preigo was considered an arrogant and perfectionist Dug, who loved making a dramatic appearance. As such, he would ride into the ring on a trained Narglatch.



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