"I've been in the business of sales and acquisitions for decades - centuries, if truth be told - and in that time, I've seen all kinds of objects cross my proverbial desk. These precious things never come easily, and I've always needed individuals to get them for me. I pay handsome finder's fees for unique things."
―Prello the Hutt[src]

Prello Anjiliac was a Hutt crime lord and part of the Anjiliac clan.


When one of her employees, a Balosar named Barin Trevina, disappeared while attempting to acquire a Dark side object known as the Fell Star, Prello hired a group to find him. She agreed to pay 1,500 credits to each person in the group if Trevina were brought back alive and unharmed. She offered a further 1,500 each if they also brought back the object that Trevina had been searching for.

Personality and traitsEdit

At under 200 years of age, Prello was relatively young for a Hutt during her time as a crime lord, and unlike others of her species, Prello seemed to genuinely care about the non-Hutt individuals that she employed. Though many of her clan resided on Point Nadir, she maintained a townhouse in the upscale part of Mos Eisley on the desert world of Tatooine.


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