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This article is about Jedi Knights Trading Card Game set. You may be looking for Premiere, the leader of Kabal.

The Jedi Knights Trading Card Game is a collectible card game that was in print until Decipher Inc. went out of business.This card game is centered around the classic Trilogy. Premiere is the base set of the Jedi Knights Trading Card Game, featuring the basic aspects of the game. The set was released on April 25, 2001.

Basic gameplay conceptsEdit

The goal of the game is to possess as many locations as possible, while other units are battling opponents. Unlike the Star Wars CCG this game uses computer generated images, instead of taking shots from the movies.

Each card has a destiny number of 1 to 7 printed over a allegiance side. Each starship and character card and some weapon cards, have a deploy price.


Each deck needs a theme, theme card, and a theme hero. The first were Han Solo, (green color) Luke Skywalker,(yellow color) Grand Moff Tarkin,(blue color) and Darth Vader,(red color) all included in the premiere pack.

Force deckEdit

The force deck specifies how many cards are drawn and serves as a resource for starships, troops, and weapons. It has 8 cards with numbers 1-8 and all have one color but black wild cards are available.


Four double sided location cards are used for site locations(Tatooine, Bespin, Hoth, and Endor) revealed one after the other in different locations. The main goal is to possess as many locations as possible.

Card ListEdit

  1. You Like Me Because I'm a Scoundrel
  2. Han Solo • Unlikely Hero
  3. Han Solo • Smuggler for Hire
  4. Han's Blaster Pistol
  5. He Certainly Is Brave
  6. Millennium Falcon • Modified Transport
  7. Outrun Those Imperial Slugs
  8. Leia Organa • Your Worshipfulness
  9. Lieutenant Neff • Immigration Officer
  10. Leia's Blaster
  11. You're My Only Hope
  12. Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi
  13. Momaw Nadon • Hammerhead Shepherd
  14. Obi-Wan Kenobi • Old Fossil
  15. Corporal Hakin • Former Skiff Racer
  16. Ellorrs Madak • Flight Instructor
  17. Ellorrs Madak's Blaster Pistol
  18. Corporal Kuep • Seasoned Guard
  19. C-3PO • The Professor
  20. Droid Detector
  21. The Force Is Strong With This One
  22. Luke Skywalker • Hero of Yavin
  23. Luke Skywalker • Moisture Farmer
  24. Luke's Blaster
  25. Private Alain • Unit Scrounge
  26. Red Five • Luke's X-wing
  27. Trooper Recruit Precht • Green Recruit
  28. Wedge Antilles • X-wing Ace
  29. Red Two
  30. Proton Torpedoes
  31. Zev SenescaT-47 Pilot
  32. Good Shooting, Wedge
  33. Corporal MaerTauntaun Handler
  34. R2-D2 • Feisty Astromech
  35. Artoo, See What You Can Do
  36. Obi-Wan Kenobi • Old Ben
  37. Pick Up Some Power Converters
  38. Yoda • Luke's Mentor
  39. Sergeant Airten • Alliance Sympathizer
  40. Now I Am the Master
  41. Darth VaderSith Warrior
  42. Darth Vader • Agent of the Empire
  43. Vader's Lightsaber • Sith Weapon
  44. Vader's TIE • Advanced Prototype
  45. You Should Not Have Come Back
  46. Boba Fett • Relentless Hunter
  47. Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle
  48. AF-119Cloud City Garrison
  49. ST-4402Tatooine Garrison
  50. TK-577 • Fire Team Leader
  51. DS-61-2 • "Mauler Mithel"
  52. Black Two
  53. Major Millich • Security Chief
  54. You Overestimate Their Chances
  55. Grand Moff Tarkin • Destroyer of Alderaan
  56. Grand Moff Tarkin • Imperial Bureaucrat
  57. Blaster
  58. AF-27 • Motivated Trooper
  59. Millions of Voices
  60. Coming Up on Their Sentry Ships
  61. PS-29-2 • "Mynock"
  62. PS-29-3 • "[Hammer]"
  63. Shadow Two
  64. Come With Me
  65. Commander Kreigg • Tactical Advisor
  66. TK-420 • Inspection Crew
  67. Darth Vader • Emperor's Sinister Agent
  68. General Tagge • Imperial Commander
  69. Emperor Palpatine • Imperial Overlord
  70. Admiral Motti • Fleet Admiral
  71. Keep the Local Systems In Line
  72. ST-103Sabacc Player
  73. Dodonna's Pride
  74. Just Like Back Home
  75. Rancor's Tooth
  76. X-wing Laser Cannons
  77. You Came in That Thing?
  78. Stabilize Your Rear Deflectors
  79. Senatorial Guard
  80. Atgar Laser Cannon
  81. That's No Moon
  82. Stand by, Ion Control
  83. I Have You Now
  84. Gold Five
  85. Conquest
  86. Concentrate All Fire
  87. Imperial Fleet
  88. Stalker
  89. Destroy Them Ship to Ship
  90. Full Throttle
  91. The Guns... They've Stopped!
  92. RGA-972 • Assault Specialist
  93. Tear This Ship Apart
  94. E-Web Repeating Blaster
  95. Blaster Rifle
  96. NT-311 • Squad Point Man
  97. UrTusken Raide
  98. Urur • Tusken Warrior
  99. Gaffi Stick
  100. IasaJawa Merchant
  101. Imperial Precision
  102. Tiatha • Legendary Scavenger
  103. Iasa's Jawa Blaster
  104. Jawa Trader
  105. Tiatha's Ion Blaster
  106. Ponda Baba • Doesn't Like You
  107. Ponda Baba's Blaster Pistol
  108. GreedoJabba's Underling
  109. Thok • Thug Who Smashes
  110. Greedo's Blaster Pistol
  111. Thok's Vibro Ax
  112. Local Trouble
  113. Hem Dazon • Salt Fiend
  114. Labria • Slippery Informant
  115. Zutton • Holojournalist
  116. Dewback Patrol
  117. Ubrikkian 9000
  118. Elis HelrotGivin Merchant
  119. Solomahal • Veteran Scout
  120. Nabrun Leids • Morseerian Transport Expert
  121. Obi-Wan's Lightsaber
  122. Nalan CheelBandfill Player
  123. Figrin D'anBith Band Leader
  124. Doikk Na'tsBeshniquel Soloist
  125. Force 1
  126. Force 2
  127. Force 3
  128. Force 4
  129. Force 5
  130. Force 6
  131. Force 7
  132. Force 8
  133. Force 3
  134. Force 7
  135. Cloud City Carbon-Freezing Chamber
  136. Cloud City Guest Quarters
  137. Back Door
  138. Dense Forest
  139. Frozen Wastes
  140. North Ridge
  141. Lars Moisture Farm
  142. Mos Eisley
  143. Rebel Spies
  144. Corellian Laser Cannon
  145. Tantive IV
  146. Turbolaser Battery
  147. Devastator
  148. Naval Support
  149. Stay on Target
  150. Taim & Bak IX4 Laser Cannons
  151. Gold Two
  152. They Came From Behind
  153. SFS L-s7.2 TIE Cannon
  154. Shadow Three

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