The following is an email conversation between me and Jason Fry about the Pretor Flats Academy on Lothal that is briefly mentioned in passing in his young adult novella Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks. He has kindly given me permission to reproduce this conversation on Wookieepedia. Andykatib 02:37, 14 December 2015 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from Jason Fry, permission granted to postAttribution:  Jason Fry

Andrew: Just two more questions concerning Servants of the Empire. In Rebel in the Ranks, a second academy called the Pretor Flats Academy is mentioned. One of my fellow Wookieepedia editors wasn't sure if it was another imperial academy or a lower institution like Junior AppSci. There's another academy called Yokel Flat Academy mentioned in passing by Nazhros Oleg during a conversation with Dev Morgan. Is it a slip in the tongue that was supposed to mean Pretor Flats?

Jason Fry:

Pretor Flats is another Imperial academy, but a less prestigious one than the one in Capital City. Yokel Flats is Oleg's sneering reference to the same place in an attempt to insult Dev -- "yokel" means rube, hayseed, bumpkin, etc. Best. J

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