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"You have done well, Stele. Due to your efforts on the part of the Emperor, a member of the Rebel Alliance was discovered aboard the SHU Omlaut. This is significant."

"Priest" was a Lesser Prophet of the Secret Order of the Emperor.


"Priest" kept his name and features hidden. He initiated Maarek Stele into the Order, and served as his liaison, giving him missions and advancing him through the ranks of the Order.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Priest"'s name as a persona in the Star Wars continuity is not given. His role is limited on giving the briefing of secondary, optional objectives to the player. Completing those objectives does not affect gameplay or storyline, but they reveal additional backstory, give higher scores and secondary ranks to the player in the Emperor's Circle apart from the regular military ones.

In the TIE Fighter's Collector's Edition CD-ROM he is simply credited as "Priest" and is voiced by Denny Delk.