The Prime Chamber was a room in the Killik Colony on the planet Yoggoy. It more or less served as a throne room for the leader of the lead hive, that was the Prime Unu UnuThul of the Unu nest in 27 to 35 ABY.

There was a circular dais where UnuThul would always be visible to the hundreds of insect attendants that followed wherever he went.

The wall of the Prime Chamber housed the Chronicle, which detailed the transformation of UnuThul and the rise of the Colony.

It was in this chamber that UnuThul confronted the Skywalker couple, the Solo couple and Saba Sebatyne in 35 ABY when the group came to investigate the disappearance of the Myrkr strike team survivors. An intense interview on the matter, a debate of the political standing of the New Jedi Order, and a discussion of the Potentium took place in the room. UnuThul showed the Chronicle to the group, and even attempted to overpower Luke Skywalker's mind with the combined Force power of the Colony, which required Luke, Mara, Leia and Saba join forces to repel him.

The chamber was assumed to be abandoned after the Qoribu Truce. Whether a similar chamber was constructed on Woteba or the Unu nest ship was uncertain.