The Prime Gate was an ancient structure on Dathomir, the primary Star Temple which housed the Infinity Gate.


It was constructed by the Kwa, an ancient saurian species which lived on Dathomir long before the formation of the Old Republic. The Kwa used the Infinity Gate as a weapon and as a means of interstellar travel.

The Star Temple and its associated buildings protected the Infinity Gate from intruders. If the gate was ever activated, the planet housing the equipment could be collapsed into the Gate itself, along with the surrounding planets, moons and even suns. As the Kwa mysteriously began to fall from power across the galaxy, they sealed the Infinity Gate and the Star Temples and set guardians to protect the Temples - whuffa worms with thick hides and an impressive turn of speed.

In 31 BBY, the Nightsisters succeeded in capturing the Prime Gate and slaughtered many Kwi. The Nightsisters intended to access the secrets of the Infinity Gate and use it to destroy Coruscant. However, their plot was thwarted by the Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, who, using his role as Temple Guardian, redirected the deadly wave aimed at Coruscant back at the Prime Gate. Only the scattered ruins of the Infinity Gate and the Star Temple were left. The Kwi also disappeared into the deserts.



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