The Principles of Rajivari were a series of tenets written by one of the first Jedi Masters, Rajivari, upon the founding of the Jedi Order. Considered extreme and later heretical, Master Rajivari's followers were routed by the first Jedi High Council on Tython in the Pre-Republic era.


Master Rajivari, one of the founding members of the Jedi Order, believed that the Jedi should use their knowledge of the Force to conquer and rule the galaxy, helping govern the countless star systems with the guidance of the Force. When this idea was rejected by the first Jedi High Council, Master Rajivari resigned from the body and set out to destroy the Order he had created, believing that the High Council was settling for mediocrity instead of greatness.[1]

As Rajivari and his followers took refuge in the fortress city of Kaleth, the Principles set forth by the Master instilled his followers with a sense of duty, all of them perishing in the ensuing assault of Kaleth by the Council. While lost to the Council, the rogue Jedi Master had crafted a secret archives called the Fount of Rajivari, hidden in an ancient acropolis and protected by traps which required thorough understanding of the principals to evade.[1]


Because of the outcome of the battle and the loss of many early documents and records from the area, a comprehensive view of Rajivari's principles has been lost to history. Only the second, fifth, and seventh principles have survived.

"All life is a battle, even to the last breath"
"Showing mercy to an enemy creates a spiral of destruction"
"Sacrificing your strength is the path of a fool"


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