"Now more than ever people need to concentrate on life, music and love, and that's exactly what the Priole Danna is all about."
―Eizzam Stachrini[src]

The Priole Danna Festival was a celebration of parades and music in Gryle City on the planet Lamuir IV in Tapani sector's Freeworlds Territory. Held annually, it began in 2367 BBY. In 23 BBY, the master of ceremonies was Diva Arroquitas. In 22 BBY, Arroquitas refused to travel during the Separatist Crisis, and there was speculation the festival would be canceled. The Festival Director, Eizzam Stachrini, claimed the festival would carry on without the Diva, but it was eventually canceled after several artists withdrew.

One of the most popular attractions of the festival was the Anapolla Musical Splash. During the time of the New Republic, there was a hundred-thousand-being mass sighting of a Silentium at a Priole Danna festival.

The 2,367th annual Priole Danna Festival was held in 0 ABY.