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Prison Base was a four-story high-security prison on the planet Branth, with one of the levels underground. Prior to being a prison, the building had previously been an old non-military starbase. It was partially converted, mostly on the inside, to house Wookiees when the Empire turned the planet into a wasteland. There were twelve short, thin structures outside the base which were used as guard towers, though not all of them were always manned. The manned towers generally contained two stormtroopers equipped with blaster rifles. A chain link fence connected all these towers to each other which was designed simply to slow any escapes for a few moments.

The prison itself was a huge, sprawling complex which provided ample opportunity for both prisoners and intruders to get lost, confused, and cornered. Generally, the corridors of the base were almost empty (when there was no immediate threat, there was no real need to heavily patrol the halls), though as soon as intruders were detected, or prisoners escaped, the corridors were swarming with groups of stormtroopers and bounty hunters. Because the prison was designed to house Wookiees, the base had a rather heavy garrison. All stormtroopers (and probably the bounty hunters too) had strict orders to set their blasters to stun. The reason for this was very simply; if they started dropping prisoners like flies, there would be a wild, full-scale breakout attempt.

Prison Base

A group of rebels attempt to infiltrate Prison Base to free prisoners.


Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a Wookiee member of the Rebel Alliance discovered the location of this base and, when he found out there were Wookiees being held there, immediately hijacked his group's starship and took them to it with the intent of freeing all slaves. The group of rebels, along with an old droid that had been cast out since the time the planet was used to produce experimental starfighters, managed to gain access to the base. They soon discovered that the base held 390 Wookiees, 43 Humans, 18 Mon Calamari, and 17 Ewoks. While in the base, they managed to meet up with Commander deWolf, the Imperial officer in command of the base, who offered them a false bargain where they would have to leave the prisoners behind and leave in one of the base's CR90 corvettes. The group saw through his lies, however, and a firefight broke out in deWolf's office. Whether or not deWolf survived this encounter is unknown. After the meeting, the group of rebels managed to free the prisoners, some of whom escaped in the Imperial ships docked at the base, the others escaping aboard the rebels' own ship.


Level 1 - The Basement LevelEdit

The first level, which was underground, was a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels and corridors, much like the ground level and just as confusing with the same potential for hitting dead ends unless you knew where you were going. The entire level had rather poor lighting which made it a very dank and dreary place. The prison cells were all in roughly the same area, but there were many of them; approximately 45 cells with 18 prisoners per cell.

There were 5 turbolifts which led down to this level, all of which had 2 stormtroopers posted at them at all times. These were the only entrances and exits for the entire prison level. One of these turbolifts went to the hangar deck. A column in the center of the cell area had a computer console on it which controlled all the jail cell doors, and a communications console which could be used to make announcements to the entire base as well as sound an alarm in case of a breakout. Four stormtroopers were posted around this column at all times.

Level 2 - The Ground LevelEdit

The ground level of the prison base had a single main entrance as well as several smaller maintenance entrances. The cavernous, fully enclosed flight hangar was also based on this level. The main entrance to the base was a wide, double doorway which opened into a fairly large lobby area. This room was previously the registration area for the starbase but was converted into a checkpoint for stormtroopers assigned to outside guard duty. Two stormtroopers were always at the desk here, and at least two more were almost always checking in or out. Doorways on the left and right sides of the lobby led to a maze of corridors, which in turn led to office and, eventually, turbolifts. The maintenance entrances were always locked from the inside, and were alarmed though it was possible to hack your way in. Prisoners were never brought in through these entrances, instead being delivered straight into the hangar and taken down a turbolift to the prison cells.

Most of the offices on the ground level contained computer consoles, many of which were not in full working order. Furthermore, the consoles could only be used to retrieve information, never to operate turbolifts or security doors; all those actions were controlled by the computer console in Commander deWolf's office on the fourth floor. The consoles on the ground level could be used quite easily to obtain a layout of the base, although this was an old layout before the base was converted from a starbase. It was also possible to obtain a prisoner readout from these consoles, as well as finding out how many ships were docked in the hangar.

The turbolifts were distributed rather sporadically throughout the maze of hallways and connect all four levels of the base together. Inside each turbolift was a small keyboard which was used to enter the desired floor number. An additional code had to be entered to reach the basement level which contained the prisoner cells.

An additional means of getting around on this level are the long forgotten maintenance ducts, which the cleaning crew have neglected to work on, causing them to become dirty and oily. These dimly lit ducts wound their way just above the ceiling of each level and could in fact be used to climb or descend levels in the base, though they were fairly tight; Wookiee's would most likely rub against the walls. It was possible to access various pieces of machinery through these ducts, though it was next to impossible to know what you were accessing as they were not clearly labeled.

A large door led off one of the corridors into another short, wide corridor which led in turn to the hangar. Inside the hangar itself was the final turbolift which led only to the basement level and was used primarily to bring prisoners in. The hangar's normal compliment was nine TIE/LN starfighters, two standard Bulk freighters, three light freighters, one CR90 corvette, and a large number of speeder bikes and countless other small repair vehicles. The inside of the hangar was cluttered with defunct machinery, and the worthless shells of old experimental starships, some of which were still in working order.

Level 3 - The Armory And Stormtrooper BarracksEdit

The third level of the base had many more open areas than the ground level, and fewer winding corridors. One of the few long, well-lit corridors on this level led to the armory. In front of the door leading into the armory was a desk which always had two stormtroopers sitting guard at it, and generally anywhere between one to six additional stormtroopers checking weapons in or out. There was also a camera above the door which was always trained on the desk itself, and a security guard on level four was constantly monitoring the camera feed. If the guard saw any disturbances on this level, he would send in a group of ten stormtroopers, as well as activating the Decimator 397 stored in the armory.

The armory itself was generally equipped with a supplement of 83 blaster pistols, 95 blaster rifles, 54 repeating blasters, 12 heavy repeating blasters, 25 thermal detonators, and 120 grenades. All supplies were stored loosely, hanging on the wall racks or lined up against the wall, rather than in boxes. Additionally, standing against a wall in the armory was a Decimator 397 series assassin droid which was connected to a computer on level 4 through a small wire which ran from the base of its neck into the wall.

Also on this level were the stormtrooper barracks, a series a several large rooms which were home to the bases compliment of 150 stormtroopers. No more than a third of these stormtroopers were ever in the barracks at any one time, but any intruders blundering into the barracks would quickly find themselves captured.

Level 4 - Commander deWolf's HeadquartersEdit

The fourth level was not as large as the other levels; it contained all the security systems for the base, as well as Commander deWolf's headquarters. There were essentially three important rooms on this level; the security/communications room, the computer room, and Commander deWolf's office.

The computer room housed the main computer which operated the base. This computer controlled everything from the life support systems to the turbolifts and the opening and closing of prisoner cell doors in the basement level. With the computer console here, it was possible to override any computer-controlled system in the entire base.

The security/communications room contained the guards which monitored all cameras which were placed at key locations in the base (e.g., the armory, the cell block, the entrances on level 2, and several other locations). From here general announcements could be made which were broadcast throughout the entire base. If the armory was attacked, the guards sitting at this station would issue a "red alert" status for the base, meaning that all 150 stormtroopers were to ready themselves for combat, and all doorways leading in and out of the base would be secured.

Two stormtroopers stood guard outside the base commander's office at all times. Inside the room was simply the commander's desk, along with several chairs to seat both the commander, as well as any guests he had.